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Holistic Treatments

All massages are carried out using pure essential oils to help aid in your relaxation and combat any struggles you are facing. Every massage is completely individual and personalized to what you and your body needs, whether its relaxation or deep tissue pressure we can achieve this. Each facial is designed to help you and your skin and is tailor-maid for what you want to achieve. A skin analysis will be carried out during every facial treatment to determine what products  from the Eve Taylor range will benefit you most and advice will be given.

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Eve Taylor Facials

A personalized and bespoke facial to suit your skin concerns using Eve Taylor aromatherapy products. Both facials will treat and target your skin, the length of time we have determines what we can do in that amount of time. If you would like a more relaxing route or have lots of concerns then the 60 minute would be a better option however the 45 minute still allows us to treat your skin type and conditions.
45 Minute facial £35
60 Minute Facial £45

Back Massage


  • 30 Minute Back, Neck and shoulder massage £28

  • 75 Minute Full Body massage £45

  • Stress release massage including back, neck, shoulders and scalp 45mins £36

  • Unwind and rebalance Back, neck, face and scalp 60mins £42

  • Add a back polish for £5 or a full body polish £10 to any massage


Mum to be massage

This treatment designed for mum's to be, it is completely safe after the first trimester. We will adapt the treatment throughout to make sure you are always comfortable and won't keep you in one position for too long. The treatment begins with a gentle back massage to help target those aches and pains that usually come with pregnancy, we will then go into a soothing and revitalizing facial to give you a full sense of relaxation. This treatment can be adapted to whatever you need eg if you would rather have your feet massaged we can evolve the treatment entirely around you and what you need. 
60 minute  £42

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension and eases muscle stiffness. It promotes deeper muscle relaxation through heat penetration around the body. The stones are warm/hot but not hot enough to burn you.
30 minute Back neck and shoulder £35
60 Minute Full body £42


Hopi Ear Candles

This treatment goes back many generations to the Native American Indians. It is perfect for anyone suffering from congestion, sinusitis, blocked ears, headaches, vertigo, ear pain on the plane  and much more. The candles have a one way valve so we can only draw out the ear wax, nothing can go into your ear. The warmth helps to soften and release the wax from your ear canal. You can have this treatment alone or with a lymph drainage massage which helps to further relieve any tension from the congestion. It is a completely painless treatment.
Hopi ear candles £24
Including lymph drainage massage£31

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