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Hair Removal

I use both creme wax and hot wax depending on the area and clients skin type.
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Beauty Care

Creme Wax

This wax is applied with the hair growth using a spatula, it is then removed with a paper strip against the hair growth. Hot/film wax will only pick up certain types of hair so it isn't suitable for legs,arms and back.
1/2  Leg- From your toes to just above your knee  £20
Full leg-From toes up to the top of your thighs  £26

½ Arm  £13
Full Arm  £20
Back  £25
Underarm is available with both strip or hot wax  £13
Facial waxing is available with both strip or hot wax
Lip  £8
Chin  £8
Sides of face  £10
Eyebrow shape to sculpt and define your brows, available with both strip or hot wax  £10


Hot/Film Wax

This wax is designed for more sensitive skins/areas. This wax is applied to coat all of the hairs and then pulled off without a strip. This wax doesn't stick to your skin only the hairs so is a lot kinder and gentler to your skin compared to creme wax. It is designed to be used on bikini as the hairs are a lot thicker and coarser, most people find this wax is a lot less painful.
Hollywood Complete removal front and back £30
Brazilian Landing strip £30
Bikini line-outside pants £20

Hair Removal: Products
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