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How to remove your gel nails at home

You will need acetone, tin foil, cotton wool, nail file and an orange wood stick/cuticle pusher

If you don't have any of these items please let me know and I can drop them off for you

How to remove gel nails: About

1.Using a rough file, file through your gel but don't go too far to your actual nail, just file through the top layer and remove the shine.

2.Swipe the file a few times across the tip of your nail to break the gel seal

3.Do this to all of your nails

4.Saturate a cotton pad in acetone and place on the nail. (Normal nail polish remover will NOT work)

5.Wrap the nail in tin foil

6.Leave to soak for 10/15 minutes. The gel should lift off the nail and pretty much crumble off. If its not ready, re wrap and leave to soak for longer.

7.Using an orange wood stick or cuticle pusher gently push the gel off the nail.

8.Use a buffer to shift any remains.

9.Lather in cuticle oil to keep them hydrated.

How to remove gel nails: Text
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