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Diamond Microdermabrasion facial..

Some people say its a miracle facial giving you glowing skin..others say its a mini face lift 
Read below to see what it is and how it will improve your skin!

Microdermabrasion: About Us

How it will help your skin?

Microdermabrasion: FAQ

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive mechical exfoliating/skin peeling treatment that uses tiny crystals to help remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells. It is a manual way of deeply exfoliating your skin. There are two types;

● Crystal; a controlled high speed flow of micro-aluminium oxide crystals are applied over skin's surface under pressure

● Diamond; a hand piece encrusted with diamond particles is passed over the skin as the tip abrades the skin

We use Diamond

How does it work?

The machine has two functions;to pump the crystals onto the skin & to vacuum them away.

● The crystals are applied directly onto the skin's surface at a high speed then immediately vacuumed away removing the upper layer of your skin (Stratum corneum) which is made up of dead skin cells

● The therapist controls the flow of the crystals and depth of peeling via machine pressure strokes and timings

● The faster the strokes the lighter the exfoliation, the slower the strokes the deeper the exfoliation

When you remove the stratum corneum (the top layer of skin) the body interprets it as an injury. It then quickly replaces the lost skin cells with new, healthy ones.


● Deep exfoliation

● Unblocks pores

● Removes debris

● Stimulates cell renewal 

● Removes dark, keratinised cells

● Smooths uneven texture

● Removes surface layer of

epidermis so pigmentation appears lighter

 ●Improves appearance of age spots

● Improves appearance of scars

● Smooths fine lines and


● Really good boost/pick me up if you have it 7-10 days before special occasion

● Brightens and evens skin tone

● Improves oily skin

● Reduces scars, stretch marks+


● Increases blood and lymphatic flow

Is it painful?

Absolutely not! The diamond tip is gently moving across your face, just feels like a mild vaccum.

How will it look after?

Your skin might be a little red, but this is good, it means that all blood is coming to the surface bringing all your lovely new skin to the top! Your skin will be glowing and silky smooth!


Microdermabrasion is an amazing treatment, with fab results. Its suitable for pretty much everyone. The diamond crystals and the tip deeply exfoliate your skin. The vacuum sucks away the layer of dead skin which sits at the top.

Ever feel like your skin looks dull/grey/lifeless? Its those dead skin cells which are sat at the top that make it look that way, often you are just moisturising these cells rather than it going deeper and moisturising your new skin cells which will eventually move up. 

When you remove the top layer of skin, the body interprets it as an injury. It then quickly replaces the lost skin cells with new, healthy ones giving you healthy glowing skin. 

Oily/greasy/large pores/blackheads/congestion? All skin types naturally produce oil onto the skin, this is what keeps your skin protected and hydrated. Certain skins produce too much oil which causes a build up under the skin, this is what causes spots. Oily skin types also usually have large pores which allow/trap dirt in them causes the skin to become congested. Microdermabrasion will help as it gets rid of the top layer of dead skin cells which is where the oil becomes trapped under, this will help by allowing your oil to be released without getting clogged underneath. As it is a deeply exfoliating treatment it will deeply clean your skin and remove the dirt/blackheads and any congestion on your skin. Microdermabrasion also stimulates cell renewal and increases the blood flow, this encourages your cell turnover to renew more quickly making your skin speed up the cycle of bringing your new skin which is hidden down the layers up to the top; therefore helping reduce future congestion.  

Scaring/dark areas/pigmentation/uneven skin? Microdermabrasion removes the top layer of your skin so it will reduce the appearance of any darkness on your skin, the more treatments you have the lighter they will continue to get. It also smooths out and evens the texture of your skin by removing that rough surface layer. People with uneven skin, pigmentation or fine lines will benefit from a series of microdermabrasion treatments.

The procedure stimulates blood flow, which increases the nutrition delivered to skin cells. This improves cell production, which improves skin’s elasticity and texture. So, if you have scarring, it will help reduce the appearance of acne scaring.

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